NSR - 2017 Council meeting

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1. Opening of the meeting

1.1 CC Board chairperson Árni B. Hjaltason

2. Election of chairperson and secretary.

2.1 Proposal for council meeting chairperson 
NSR OC chairperson PCC Hrund Hjaltadóttir MD 109

2.2 Proposal for secretary 
NSR OC secretary Jan Lofjärd MD 101

3. Election of persons to verify the minutes

3.1. CC Árni B. Hjaltason MD 109 and VCC Mats Granath MD 101

4. Determining the list of voters

4.1 MD 101 Sweden  10 district   10 votes
4.2 MD 104 Norway     7 district   10 votes
4.3 MD 106 Denmark   3 district     7 votes
4.4 MD 107 Finland    14 district   20 votes
4.5 MD 109 Iceland      2 district      4 votes

5. Notification other matters

6. Approval of the agenda

7. In behalf of LCI 2VP Guðrún Björt Yngvadóttir will honor Lions members of Scandinavia who will be 100 years old this year. 

For download: In our 100th year of global humanitarian service

8. Follow up maters from previous NSR/CC meetings to be voted on.

For download: NSR By-Laws

a. Changes to the Bay- Laws, point 6 in the definition of term will be as follows.

CC Board meeting in Copenhagen in November/December, however is a closed working meeting of the Nordic CC´s, VCC´s, Chairperson of the NSR OC group, the NSR Coordinator and ID. Participants will be invited by the CC´s and paid for by their respective MDs or NSR budget in accordance with the By-Laws.

b. In the chapter, Responsibilities

The NSR Meeting. 
The location of NSR meeting is to be no more than one hour drive from an international airport of the big cities of Scandinavia.

c. PROPOSAL from the Nordic GLT Group. 

We hereby present a proposal for a Nordic Presidents curriculum to be accepted by NSR 2017. 

NSR recommends the proposed Presidents curriculum for Area 4A, presented by the Nordic GLT Group, to be implemented in all MDs in Area 4A.

9. Financial statements, report

9.1 Approval of the NSR accounts 2015-2016
For download: NSR ACCOUNTS 2015- 2016 pr. 30.6.2016

9.2 Report from Convention 2016 Fukuoka Japan. PCC Bent Jespersen.
For download: Report about the Convention in Fukuoka to the NSR Council meeting

9.3 Current financial status 2016-2017. ID Markus Flaaming.
For download: NSR ACCOUNTS 2016- 2017 pr. 17.1.2017 
For download: Budget comparison

 10. Approval of 2017-2018 NSR budget

10.1 Coordinator budget Convention in Chicago USA 2017.
PCC Bent Jespersen
For download:  Coordinators budget 2017 - 2018

10.2 Total budget 2017-2018. ID Markus Flaaming
For download:   NSR BUDGET 2017-2018 pr. 30.6.2016

11. NSR -cooperation projects

11.1 Report about Eye Clinic in Georgia, IRD Bent Jespersen

11.2 Accounting for Eye Clinic in Georgia, IRD Bent Jespersen
For download:  NSR PROJECT 2013-2015

11.3 Status and update of Solar Cookers project in Africa. PID Tapani Rahko
For download:  Solar Cookers to Kenya

11.4 Proposal for a new 4 years NSR project 2017-2021

For download:  The forgotten refugee children“ project leadership by Norwegian lions. MD 104

11.4.1. Forgotten Children in Lebanon, MDIRC MD 104, Nils Ørum

11.4.2. Forgotten Children in Turkey, PCC Finn Bangsgaard

11.5 Orkester Norden, CC John Jagd
For download:  Report on Orkesten Norden
For download:  Orkester Norden 

11.6 Minsk project, PDG Erik Evang MD-104 / D104-C3
For download: Projecting group Minsk 2009 – 2010
For download: PDG Erik Evang - Minsk project leader

12. Recommendations from the seminars/workshops

13. Proposals from the seminars /workshops (to be voted on next year)

14. Other proposals

15. Presentation of NSR 2018 MD 101 Sweden

For download: Marholmen presentation

16. Miscellaneous

17. Closing of the meeting.